Manifesting the energy of being grounded and pulling towards you the gifts of Mother Earth. May the 3rd Courageous Woman assist you in times of disorientation and imbalance, helping you to find your center and restore harmony to your soul.


Manifesting yourself in the spirit of creativity. May the 1st Courageous Woman of the healing spirit enhance your Divine ability to give birth to breakthroughs and the furher awakening of your energies.


Manifesting faith in your reasoning and intuitive powers. May the 6th Courageous Woman of faith enhance your Divine gift of trusting your inner ability to solve problems and create success, abundance and prosperity.


Manifesting harmony in relationship and interaction with others through truthful communications. May the 9th Courageous Woman open your heart to hear its own rhythm allowing for communication and teaching through action.


Manifesting the inner charms coiled in your pelvis to awaken physical, mystical and sexual powers. May the 5th Courageous Woman provide you with infinite charms and mystery to achieve sexual paradise with grace and reverence.


Manifesting the invisible between your heart flame and will to the spirituality of the Universe. May the 4th Courageous Woman join the link between your breath and the ethereal on high.

This series, "Courageous Woman" a collection of nine paintings of empowered women was inspired by my  interest in yogic feminine images as a student of yoga for over two decades. 

My spiritual awareness has awakened in my art and has been featured throughout the South Florida yoga community.

My designs carry themes of truth, harmony in relationships, strength and power, self-reliance, spiritual attunement, and creative energy.

I draw my intense creativity from years of practice in the healing arts, which incorporates meditation, energy healing and spiritual studies.

"Being a playful spirit, I wish to awaken the viewer's spontaneous inner curiosity."

Limited Edition Frameable Art

Handmade Frameable Art Greeting Cards 
Size: 5"x 7", folded, sold with Envelope

Size: 11" x 17" with beige mat

Boxed Card Sets
Six cards, high quality print, folded, blank inside, with envelope​


Manifesting the magic of the Tree of Life. May the 7th Courageous Woman of prophecy fill your vessel with sacred light and raise you toward the Divine.

Yoga Greeting Cards and Prints


Manifesting the blessings of strength and flexibility. May the 8th Courageous Woman of strength and flexibility guide you to experience an open heart and mind in times of turmoil and strife.

Welcome to my virtual home! 

Donna Burton


Manifesting comfort in trusted innocence walking alone and waiting about Mother Earth. May the 2nd Courageous Woman provide you with good luck, fortune and abundance.