Welcome to my virtual home! 

Donna Burton

As a world traveler, I have collected beads from Africa, India, Tibet and Afghanistan and integrated them into my work. You will feel good as soon as you place my jewelry on your body whether around your neck, wrist or as earrings.

My intention is to touch your soul. I am blessed and honored to share my gift of beauty with you.

I am excited about my one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry with you. Spending over two decades as an energy healer has given me the ability to charge each peace with a high frequency of love, light and healing.

The fine silver and bronze peaces are both sensitive and spiritual with feminine energy to open your heart. The semi-precious gems, Swarovski crystals, specialty ad collectible beads enhance each peace.

IN A WORLD where large corporations, and mass production dominates our planet, the return and support of individual creative expression, is paramount in recreating our own personal statement; our expression to the world.

It is my intension to design and create jewelry that compliments each individual quest to resonate with beauty.

It is there, that we begin to identify our true essence.