• Akashic Record Readings...Past/Present/Future Lives
  • Mediumship
  • Past Life Clearing
  • Trauma Release - Physical, Emotional, Sexual & Childhood
  • (Becoming Whole)
  • Chakra Clearing & Balancing
  • Dream Interpretation

The root of the word heal is the Anglo-Saxon word "healon", which means "to be or to become whole." 

With an open heart and over two decades experience in the "healing arts", I have been called upon to help others move into harmony and balance.

"Donna, thank you so much for all of your assistance, love, help and support! Not only did you help me get my baby back, but you helped me change my course in life immeasurably! 

Thank you for helping me re-center with my gift – so many things/interactions over the last 20+ years all converged during this process and have become clear to me.
Your talent, time and generosity will stay with me forever. Much love"

J. Petraglia, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Donna's available services:​

Energy Healing

Welcome to my virtual home! 

Donna Burton

Your Akashic Records are the past, present and future knowledge of all things. They are the recording of the Soul's journey since inception, as well as the its unfoldment of your future.  Referred to in virtually every ancient spiritual teaching, it is known in the Bible as the Book of Life.

An Akashic Record Reading consist of opening up the records of your Soul with permission from your Higher Self (Soul) and allowing the information to come forward. This information will support you in your life right now. 

Specifics about past lives may or may not be relevant. What is generally valuable is guidance as to how to work through patterns that are present in one's current life and opportunities for growth and direction. I work with the Light of the Highest good for all concerned.

I am open to God, Source Energy and Spirit for guidance, direction and information.  I open myself to the information available from your records and allow myself to look and say that which comes directly to me. 

I work with life circumstances and where you would like greater clarity. Your openness determines to a large extent what happens during the session and what Spirit can bring forward.

Please remember that all information given in the session is presented in order to assist you with your own consciousness and understanding. It will be supportive and you are encouraged to verify the information through your own avenues. 

The information comes forth only while I am in the channel. Once the channel is closed, the information is restored back to your Akashic Records and I no longer remember it.

My past years of working as an Energy Facilitator and Medium have allowed me  to develop my intuitive gifts.  I am looking forward to hearing from you.  

My work with many people of all walks of life has given me a wide range of experience allowing my energy facilitation to guide and assist those who seek my expertise. 

Working in the auric field and energy flowing in and around the client, permits growth, acceleration and wellness to advance to the next level.

My commitment to the Art of Giving brings great joy and satisfaction to mine inner being. 

In addition my 25 years as a professional artist has integrated my two gifts, Art and Healing to work and help those in need find the gift within themselves.

  • Spiritual Coach

  • Medium

  • Healing Touch

  • Matrix Energetics

  • Theta Healing

  • Medical Intuition

  • Akashic Records with Star of Life Color Therapy Readings

  • Florida State Association of Spiritualist Ministers, Inc.

  • Minister of Universal Brotherhood Ministry

Akashic Records Reading

Energy Healing Facilitator

  • Distant Healing
  • Entity Removal
  • Angelic Soul Drawings
  • Spiritual Geometry Drawings with Reading
  • Star of Life Drawing with Reading
  • Butterfly Spirit Guide Paintings