My Artwork


Each mask is created from one thought and shape. The process unfolds as I am guided by an unknown energy, giving me the next step. 

As I am building forms on the surface, I envision the potential for beads, feathers, fabrics, textures and other dimensional mediums, always creating another layer of depth. 

I feel each mask has evolved from another lifetime and tapped a distinct piece of my soul.


My art is personal and inspired from my spiritual connection with nature and the Universe. Many designs, colors and patterns have evolved from my travels through life.

The diversity in my work is motivated by an inner drive for perpetual change and self examination. These feelings are transferred onto the paper and reflect my childlike fantasy world.

Being a child in essence, my intent is to awaken your frivolity and playfulness. 

Pen and Ink

Donna Burton

Welcome to my virtual home!