Dr Karim Jamal Receives CPA Alberta Lifetime Achievement Award

While their professional experience varies greatly, the two 2023 recipients of CPA Alberta’s [Canada] Lifetime Achievement Award share an unyielding passion for the profession.

Dr. Karim Jamal FCPA, FCA is a CPA Distinguished Professor and Department Chair of Accounting and Business Analytics (ABA) at the University of Alberta [Edmonton, Canada], whose research has contributed much to advancing thought leadership in the profession and whose genuine enthusiasm for accounting has inspired and motivated countless students.

有限公司lette Miller FCPA, FCA is a partner at Wilde & Company in Vegreville and co-founder of Wilde Advisory Group. Colette has made a tremendous impact in her community, the profession, and Alberta’s business sector through her expertise, insights, and volunteer activities.

Photo: CPA Alberta Daily DIvidends

“Both Karim and Colette are exceptional CPAs whose impacts and achievements have certainly brought honour to the profession,” said CPA Alberta Board Chair Damian Zapisocky CPA, CA. “It was a privilege to be able to call them and share the news that they received this recognition.”

And that call came as a big surprise to the recipients. “The initial reaction was some combination of amazement and shock—it was really unexpected,” said Karim. “Now, after a few days, I feel a sense of gratitude and a feeling of quiet satisfaction and pride. It’s a great honour to be recognized by one’s peers, and especially by the Alberta CPA profession.”

“Damian had left me a message to call him back and I was trying to figure out what volunteer opportunity he had for me. Once we chatted, my first thought was ‘wow’ and then ‘is this the end’? After it sunk in, I am immensely grateful and know that I can contribute for many years yet as many of my older peers continue to do,” said Colette.

According to CPA Alberta Chief Executive Officer Rachel Miller FCPA, FCA, as impressive as the contributions of this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipients are, their character is even more special. “I have had the pleasure of knowing both of this year’s recipients well, and can personally attest to the high levels of intelligence, integrity, and devotion to the profession they both have. They are truly deserving of this recognition.”

The rest of this year’s CPA Alberta Achievement Award recipients will be announced in March. All recipients will be formally recognized at the Elevate Awards Gala in Edmonton on May 13.

Source:CPA Alberta Daily Dividends


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