A Special Tribute to Our Heroes Farana Sadrudin and Mariana Jadaugy

JollyGulpays a special tribute to Farana Sadrudin and Mariana Jadaugy, our fallen heroes who were tragically killed at theIsmaili Centre in Lisbon, Portugal while engaged in refugee resettlement work. To honor their memory and legacy, two poems are being presented.

The first poem, “Heaven’s Embrace,”, recited in English by Fahima Sultani, a dedicated community volunteer who has been showcasing her passion for reciting ginans, qasidas, and zikr tasbih since leaving Afghanistan at the age of 8. Fahima resides in Québec, Canada.

The second poem, “Gone Too Soon” وہ جو بہت جلد چلے گئے, written and recited in Urdu by Sana Gaglani. Sana, who resides in Dubai, UAE, is a teacher by profession and an Al-waez by passion. She has studied at The Institute of Ismaili Studies and holds a M.Ed from Murdoch University, Perth, Australia.

May the memory of Farana and Mariana be a blessing and source of inspiration for us all.

Source: (YouTube)

Source: (YouTube)


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